UPDATED 19-06-2021

Health and Safety Protocols for training in the presence of COVID-19:

In accordance with the UK roadmap for lifting of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. We will be opening to offer in-person outside “one to one” training or group sessions at our training field. These will be in accordance with the current advice from the Canine & Feline Sector Group (CFSG) [ 23rd-March-2021-Pet-Business-Guidance-COVID-19.pdf (cfsg.org.uk) ], issued May 2021.

The protocols for the training group sessions & one-to-ones will follow the four-step approach being adopted by the UK Government which for us means….


No earlier than 29th March - Training classes (max 6 including instructor) and one-to-one (two households) can be held outside. This includes our on-line training and Puppy Toolkit one-to-one sessions can be held in clients gardens in accordance with current UK Covid19 restrictions as from the 12th April 2021.

No earlier than 17th May - The number of people attending classes held outside now has a cap limit of 30 people. This will open the way for partners & children to attend as well. Our class group sizes though will still be small, as we were small before Covid-19 came along anyway.

No earlier than 19th July - Restrictions will be generally removed, although we will still continue a form of Covid sanitising measures for due diligence and peace of mind.

Standard Covid-19 precautions.

Social distancing guidelines will apply, we will be maintaining social distancing (minimum 2m).

Facilities will be provided to hygienically clean the gate and your hands, on entry. A sanitizing station will be made available for you and your dog in the field.

We would ask that if you or a member of your family has been unwell in the last 14 days that you don’t attend your training session. Our aim is as all ways to you all safe and well.

A break will be maintained between training sessions to minimize contact risk and clean equipment where required.

Physical contact between myself and dogs will follow current CFSG guidance.

You will be required to provide your own training equipment. If needed, I will have a small supply of stock that can be purchased to facilitate this requirement.

All training sessions (One-to-one or classes) will continue to be via booked appointment. Our existing booking system for one-to-ones’s or places within group classes will continue to be used for all appointments We would ask you to use this system which can be found on our website www.connectedcanines.co.uk 


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Connected Canines COVID-19 Information